Thoughts on the ‘Not Good Enough Epidemic’

My darling,


I have been listening to you all this time, and what I’m hearing is that you are exhausted with pretending that you feel good about yourself when underneath it all, you don’t like yourself and feel inadequate so much of the time.


Secret self-doubt, secret self-loathing at times, it can be baffling, not to mention the lengths you have to go to cover it all up and keep pretending you are the confident, successful person others see so readily.


When I look at your power, your beautiful spirit, your kindness, your wisdom and all that you bring to the world, it hurts to hear the way you talk about yourself, to listen to you list all the ways you don’t feel good enough.


Not thin enough

Not toned enough

Not rich enough

Not clever enough

Not successful enough

Not tidy enough

Not blonde enough

Not glamorous enough

Not fast enough

Not having as much sex as you ‘should’ be having 

Not married/no partner…so…not desirable enough (is there something wrong with me?)

No kids yet…so…not enough

Not good enough at cooking

House not big enough or not in a glamorous enough area

Car not flashy enough

Handbag not expensive enough

Not good enough at dancing 

Not good enough at getting a promotion or payrise

He/she won’t commit so…there must be something wrong with me

Why can’t I get over him/her…I must be not good enough, everyone else seems to be able to move on

Why can’t I just stand up for myself when the boss/friend/man speaks to me like that. They must do it because I’m not good enough and the fact I don’t speak up for myself is proof that I’m inadequate.


Inside I notice you are yelling to yourself ‘I am not good enough’ and ‘there is something wrong with me.’ I see how painful all of this is, and that you are done with it.

You know what I really think?

Fuck this. Fuck starving yourself to feel just about acceptable. Fuck unhealthy relationships or not going for that promotion. Fuck constantly feeling you don’t live up to some impossible standard society, your family, friends or even yourself have set for you. I declare war on not feeling good enough. 

It is costing you dearly. I see how the toll it takes on your mental and physical health. I see the damage it wreaks on your finances, all that money you spend on diets and magical creams, and also not being paid your true worth. Most of all, I hate the way it keeps you away from true happiness and fulfilment.

I am here to make things different, to help you create a different future for yourself.

It is time to say ‘Goodbye, Not Enough’ and for you to finally start believing in yourself, your magnificence and your potential.

On Saturday May 18th, join me for a one-day retreat in the stunning, light filled and green space of the Flowerpot in Hoxton.


I will guide you to:

  • Take a compassionate, illuminating and fully supported look at how you really feel about yourself.
  • Let go of shame for how you’ve felt about yourself and understand what might have kept you stuck all this time.
  • Learn how to forgive yourself so that you can move forwards.
  • Create a powerful vision for you, the you who already exists deep down inside and 100% believes in herself.
  • Understand how you would show up for yourself when you are living that vision fully, and what the next steps are for you to move towards the vision.
  • Leave with action steps that will move you lovingly towards being the you who fully loves, accepts and nurtures herself.
  • Connect deeply with others who are on the same path as you, who will accept you 100%, support you and encourage you.

    Refreshments, snacks, and a rather lovely goodie bag will be included. Hope, love, laughter and a few tears will be there too, as well as plenty of hugs, understanding and endless encouragement.


Harriet’s mission is to make sure people know their true value. She empowers her clients and audiences to leave behind self-doubt, disempowering patterns and overwhelm in favour of new ways of thinking, feeling and acting that create confidence, wellbeing, and success.

Join Harriet at her new one day event. Goodbye Not Enough, on Saturday 18th May at the beautiful Flowerpot in Hoxton.