about me

I want you to know something.
You have the power to become the happiest, healthiest most fulfilled version of yourself.
You can feel truly full – with self-trust and self-esteem.
You can create awesome relationships – starting with yourself and your body.
You can be on your own side in every area of your life – a powerful partnership that will become the foundation for balance, happiness and falling in love with your life.


I’m Harriet. I believe in life-changing transformations.
And I empower women to make them, through my talks and coaching.
Being a part of your transformation – from your big wins to your tiny a-ha moments – is an honour.
Seeing you begin with a belief – no matter how small – that things can change, helping you reconnect with yourself, supporting you in making lasting changes and celebrating with you several months down the road – when your wellbeing, happiness, success and self-belief has skyrocketed – is the best job in the world. And it’s my job.

I’m a mum to two gorgeous boys
And the proud owner of a delightful puppy called Fizzy.
Love, kindness and playfulness are central to my life (along with daily trips to the park, holding my breath while my older son practices parkour, raw chocolate, trips to the Science Museum, and regular conversations about how to save the planet and whether this is real life or a video game. I blame Elon Musk…).


My favourite time of day is first thing in the morning.
I love the quietness and magic of being awake before everyone else in the house, when the world feels still; sometimes it feels like a secret not everyone knows about.
Being in nature revives my soul. I adore moors, mountains, deserts and beaches; my family’s home on Exmoor is my favourite place on the planet.
Cooking to uplifting and slightly trashy pop music totally rocks my world.
My biggest indulgences are Booja Booja ice cream and luxury organic skincare.

I’ve navigated several life transformations myself.
Coming through tough situations wiser and stronger is how I roll.
I’ve transitioned from a successful investment management career in my 20s to motherhood and entrepreneurship in my 30s.
I’m more than 16 years in recovery from addictions.
I am proud to say I have been mentoring women with drug and alcohol problems for more than 15 years, creating powerful personal transformations. I’ve summoned the courage to leave an unhappy marriage and have flourished.
I’ve healed from allergies and eczema using diet alone.
I am living with permanent head and neck pain from serious injuries sustained in a car crash in 2016.
And in 2018 I beat breast cancer and am more in love with my body than ever despite the new scars and changes that major surgery brings.


I know that true change takes time
It also requires presence, commitment, persistence, guidance and support.
Most of all, making the decision to change while balancing a busy and demanding life, takes courage.
Every transition I’ve been through has been supported by the love, patience and wisdom of people who’ve been there before and know how to make change happen.
Now I’m offering that support to you.

This is my invitation to you


Let go of overwhelm.

Let go of the feeling that it’s all just too much and you’re never quite good enough.

Move towards the future you want.

Ask for the support you need

Be open to change and anything – literally anything – is possible.

I’m a certified One of Many™ coach


My One of Many™ training centred on learning with Dr Joanna Martin, the founder of the One of Many women’s leadership movement, Susie Heath and Annie Stoker, three extremely wise and experienced women in the field of personal transformations for women. The One of Many™ programme can be summed up as transformational rocket fuel.



I’m a health coach, certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)


My health coaching training with IIN involved studying major dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.




I’m an experienced speaker


I inspire and empower change through talks and workshops.
My style is engaging, personal and authentic. I weave powerful stories with processes and tools, and, where appropriate, interactive, impactful exercises, to make desired learnings directly applicable to the audience, as well as easily and immediately actionable.