How often have you heard, ‘But you’re gorgeous!’ or, ‘You’ve got it all’ and thought, ‘What the hell are they talking about?’


Ever listened to people talk about how they’d love your life – your flourishing career, your busy social life, your kids, your gorgeous home, your relationship – and thought, ‘If only they knew how hard it is to keep it up and how shattered and empty I feel’.


On the outside, life looks perfect. Your social media looks a-ma-zing. Inside, something feels off. And your loved ones quietly say they’re worried about you, more and more often.


Maybe you’ve got anxiety you can’t shake. Tiredness that just won’t go away, no matter how many cups of coffee or matcha lattes you sink. Skin that just isn’t glowing the way you know it could. Maybe life feels out of control and everything feels way too much. Or perhaps, truth be known, you just feel crap about yourself and no amount of designer clothes, beautiful new things for your home, nights out at the latest cocktail bar or massages make any difference.

Having it all isn’t supposed to feel like this, is it?


It’s not supposed to feel like your body isn’t good enough, you’re permanently exhausted, your glossy career doesn’t even begin to make up for how you feel inside, your friends invite you out of politeness and your other half is just waiting for someone with more confidence and less bum to come along before he gives you the heave ho.


Or so you keep telling yourself.


It doesn’t help that your plans to get bikini ready, lose the last ten pounds, and silence the voice that says you’ll never be good enough, keep getting shoved to one side every time you have a bad day.
‘Screw the fruit bowl, I’ll have cake instead then slink home and miss Pilates because what’s the bloody point?’


‘And that superfood salad I was going to make? Gimme a bottle of wine and a takeaway. Extra bhajis to keep me going while I browse the Outnet for a pick-me-up.’

Sound familiar?


You wish you could find a way to make changes stick. To get through challenging days without completely derailing, and to get some balance and make space for the things that really make your heart sing.


You wish you could try on a pair of skinny jeans or a summer dress without the changing room light making your tummy look huge (don’t even mention the shame at asking the assistant for a larger size).


You wish you could stop eating family-size bags of Kettle Chips and finishing off the wine.


You wish you didn’t wake up too early (and still shattered) every morning thinking, ‘Do I really have to start all over again, when all I want to do is sleep in and not rush for once?’


More than anything, you wish you could actually be that confident, balanced, successful woman your friends seem to see, glowing with health and happiness, rather than just pretending to be her.

Wouldn’t that be liberating?

You could focus your energy on things that really matter to you.


Imagine if the hours you spent on Googling, ‘Bikinis that hide tummies’ and, ‘Do I have adrenal fatigue’ was spent watching TED talks, fitting in that extra yoga class, having a relaxed evening with your family or cooking with friends.


Imagine if you really had the confidence and energy to believe you deserve the accolades that people often say about your career, or retrain for a sector where you can make a difference to the world and follow your heart.

Well, you can.
You can make changes that stick.
You can feel good about yourself and how you spend your time.
You can love your body, your life and your career.
And feel totally free and comfortable in your own skin.


With a personally tailored coaching program, you can learn how to create the health, happiness, life balance and mindset that will change everything, for good.


The women I work with are sick and tired of feeling like it’s all is too much.
They’re ready to change.
They’re ready to become healthy and balanced.
They’re ready to be calm and happy.
They’re ready to become fabulous and unstoppable.


And they’re ready to embrace a program where self-care, self-knowledge, fun and nurturing form the foundations of their new way of living. And where the only rule is that there are no rules.


If you are thinking,’hell yes!
This is me and I want this with
every fibre of my being!’


Here are your options

coaching packages

My one-on-one coaching is tailored to your needs and personal and professional circumstances, no matter which package you choose. Resources, support and accountability in between sessions and complimentary invitations to my talks are included with all three.

We can discuss which program will best support you during our discovery call. I am flexible on the duration of your programme; sessions can be conducted weekly or twice a month to fit around your schedule and there are options to hold your sessions in person, over the phone or using video calling.  


This bespoke programme of six hour-long sessions will set you well on your way to becoming the most fabulous, unstoppable version of yourself. I use an integrated approach, drawing on all my training and experience to empower you, and sharing relevant tools and processes to help you in between sessions.


This 12-session program is transformational rocket fuel; several areas of your life will be totally transformed through powerful tools, processes and guidance. This programme draws heavily on the One of Many™ philosophy, designed to empower women to be leaders in every area of their life.


A deep eight-hour immersion into coaching, visualisations and transformational exercises. You will experience powerful breakthroughs and leave with an action plan to move forwards on the personal or business issue that needs urgent, focused attention.


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